Laboratory Resources and Solutions, Inc. is a complete environmental laboratory service provider. We are headquartered in Ashville, Alabama with roots in the community since 1995. Originally chartered as an environmental testing laboratory with one employee, LRS has grown sustainably over the last several years. We now service the local environmental community as well as customers nationwide. Our main purpose being to provide comprehensive laboratory testing services accompanied with superior expertise and quality customer service.

LRS is not what one would consider a traditional laboratory. We operate as an administrator, partnering with select laboratories in a cooperative arrangement. By doing this, we are able to connect the collective capabilities of some of the nation’s finest testing facilities. We net those collective services into one highly efficient company.  This unique approach allows us to offer a very broad array of testing services; more than any single laboratory facility.  Our employees are not burdened with all of the daily operations that take place in the typical laboratory. We focus 100% of our time on the needs of the customer. Our project managers routinely provide methodology recommendations, project scheduling, project management, and sample kit delivery and pickup. These services are followed up by a complete review of all reported analytical data by certified chemists.  LRS customers have a single point of contact they can rely on for answers to any questions that arise before, during and after project completion.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote on your analytical needs. We value your time and consideration of our services. By using LRS, Inc., you will have a local company that will be responsive and dedicated to the needs of your industry. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to help support your company.

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