Sampling Supplies

LRS sample kits are designed to make your sampling event go smoothly. Your sample kit arrives with everything you need to collect, organize and ship your samples.

Complete sampling kits are provided free of charge for projects submitted through LRS. Kits include the appropriate pre-labeled sample container(s) with the correct preservative specified by the proper EPA method. Pre-printed chains of custody save time and ensure accurate method numbers resulting in expedited processing within the laboratory. Pre-printed supplies and shipping labels guarantee that samples arrive at the laboratory in the safest, most efficient way possible.

LRS will provide sample kits via ground shipment to your home, office or project site. Call for rates for expedited shipment. LRS also maintains a record of sample kits previously ordered for speedy assembly for repeat projects. A large inventory of basic sample containers allows LRS to fill large bottle requests.

In addition to sample containers, LRS can also provide on-site instrumentation for the analysis of parameters that must be completed in the field such as pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Residual Chlorine, Tem, etc.


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