Environmental Consulation

LRS can provide general consulting services for all your environmental needs.  Our years of experience in the fields of environmental chemistry and management give us a wide breadth of knowledge that can be drawn upon for any environmental issue you or your company may face.  In addition, our relationships with certified engineering and geotechnical firms provide LRS with contacts who can be called upon to assist with any environmental problem that requires a specific set of professional skills and knowledge.

Many business owners may feel overwhelmed by the paperwork necessary to maintain compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.  LRS can provide assistance with this often confusing amount of paperwork.  We offer the following services that can ensure your company meets all its environmental monitoring requirements:

• Completion and submittal of NPDES Permit Applications, Modifications, and Renewals

• Completion and submittal of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs): both paper/hard copy DMRs and electronic submission (eDMRs)

• Assistance with Bmp plans, in conjunction with local engineering firms

• Site inspections to confirm outfall locations, discharge characteristics, etc.

• Researching and acquiring copies of previously-submitted environmental paperwork (great when you’ve misplaced a critical form or report)

• Assistance with miscellaneous forms (representative outfall certifications, annual petroleum certifications, etc.)

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